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Electronic Medical Records Company Checklist


electronic medical records company checklistWhen looking through the growing list of electronic medical records companies in search of a partner that is right for you, it is important to develop your own checklist of the services and features that you are looking for in that partner. Here are some important considerations to include on your checklist.

Must-Have Services and Features

The following items will help you gauge the capabilities and reputation of the electronic medical records companies you are considering:

  • Medical Records Knowledge: There are hundreds of companies that handle electronic records, but you want to focus on those that specialize in electronic medical records rather than companies servicing many other industries. This best assures that their staff is trained in current HIPAA regulations as a core area of expertise and remains up-to-date on changes and new regulations relating to patient privacy and release of medical information. 
  • Skill: You want to check the company’s skill level in relation to how much volume they can handle, so that they can scale up as your needs grow. This includes their having the technology and know-how to maintain efficiencies and productivity no matter how big you plan to get.
  • Quality: Quality is critical, not only for patient satisfaction and reputation management, but also with respect to HIPAA compliance.  Ensure the company uses state-of-the-art equipment and processes to deliver on all HIPAA’s regulations and minimize the impact of human error.
  • Reputation: While it is never best to go simply on name alone, it does help to hear that other companies like yours have had a good experience working with a particular company. Such endorsements and testimonials add credibility and helps alleviate concerns about handing over a mission critical function with liability implications to a third party. If a company can produce a list of satisfied customers and clientele – and even provide contact information allowing prospects to interact with these clients about the service received – then this is a company worth consideration.

In Summary

In reviewing items prudent to include on a checklist when considering electronic medical records companies, here are some important considerations:

  • The company needs to be a specialist in medical record keeping and be dedicated to serving this specific industry.
  • The executives behind the company need to be skilled in terms of technology and expertise needed to effectively handle medical record procedures and problems.
  • There needs to be a combination of quality and quantity that is delivered in order to truly help a firm meet its objectives and fulfill all regulations related to HIPAA.
  • The company must have a solid reputation built upon a stellar service record as proclaimed by its clientele, that can be backed with a solid list of references.


fig gungor

Fig Gungor is CEO of OneSource Document Management, a New York based company that offers a broad range of customized copy and scanning services that translate into a significant savings for insurance companies, hospitals and large medical facilities.


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