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When to Use a Medical Records Copy Service


medical records copying serviceFor hospitals and medical facilities, many business decisions require risk assessment and need/cost/benefit analysis. Whether or not to use an outsourced medical records copy service for document management and reproduction is one common consideration for many in the healthcare field. But, how is this decision best made?

Factors to Consider
To determine what necessitates the use of a medical records copy service, consider these questions:

  • Is in-house staff up-to-date on all HIPAA rules and regulations to ensure the highest levels of privacy and security compliance at all times?
  • Does your company have leading-edge technology in terms of the equipment and software necessary to process record release requests quickly and accurately? Do you archive and disseminate digitally, or is the office still relying on faxing and photocopying?
  • Have the customer service calls and administrative paperwork started to feel a bit overwhelming to the office staff? Is there a noticeable drop in performance levels?
  • Is your quality control process effective, utilizing a structured framework to ensure all release of information requests are handled with the utmost accuracy and a high caliber of service?
  • Are you planning on expanding your release of information need, but scaling up in terms of staffing, training, resources, workflow, and service is a concern?

In answering yes to any one of these questions, it is time to consider a medical records copy service.

A Valuable Service Offering
A copy service specializing in medical record reproduction can offer a notable value proposition rife with benefits, growth opportunities, and a significant return on investment. Here’s why this strategic partnership is a good decision:

  • Access the latest technology and immediately experience enhanced efficiency.
  • Rely on experts continually trained to be HIPAA compliant and with much medical industry experience.
  • Be confident that quality is ensured with each and every medical records request. Benefit from accountability related thereto.
  • Enjoy a true business partner who is genuinely vested in your success.
  • Focus your team on core business issues and growth strategies.

In Summary
In considering the ideas presented here on the virtues of a medical records reproduction partner, remember these points:

  • The right service provider will help a company increase its performance levels in terms of quality, efficiency, and service. If any of these are missing with your in-house effort, it’s time to seek assistance.
  • If technology investments are too burdensome relative to cost, time and otherwise, rely on a partner who guarantees best-of-breed technologies will be utilized to appropriately service your account.
  • If your company would benefit from re-focusing staff members on other key aspects of the business, a medical record reproduction company can readily free up your human resources.

fig gungor

Fig Gungor is CEO of OneSource Document Management, a New York based company that offers a broad range of customized copy and scanning services that translate into a significant savings for insurance companies, hospitals and large medical facilities.


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