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Is Release Of Information Making Money For You?


release of information serviceIn the realm of document reproduction and information release services, there are many options – some more profitable than others. One way to build your bottom line and derive profit from release of information services is through a partnership-based approach with a turn-key solutions provider. Such a partnership model is a win-win for those organizations who want to maintain control over processing release of information requests and potentially earn additional revenue, while also benefiting from back-end administrative assistance that assures HIPAA compliance.

Thinking about Your Release of Information Model
Here are some questions to think about when you are gauging the revenue potential of your model:

  • Do I want to earn revenue for my department through on-site personnel fielding incoming record requests, pulling files and scanning appropriate pages, but prefer not to handle administrative back-end tasks like printing, packaging and mailing, billing and invoicing, collections and customer service?
  • Do I need a turn-key solution that provides our organization with all of the necessary equipment, software and maintenance needed to process requests?
  • Could I benefit from an outsourced Quality Control Department to spot-check requests processed by our staff, ensuring that all releases remain in compliance with HIPAA rules and regulations?
  • Do I want the ability to process requests online and track requests every step of the way?

A Money Model
A money-making model for your release of information process needs to have the following elements:

  • In-house front-end personnel to field and execute requests;
  • Technology tools that save time, cut labor costs and minimize human error;
  • Trained back-end outsourced support staff that ensures accuracy, efficiency and high quality while maintaining HIPAA compliance, cutting costs in tandem;
  • Processes that allow for multiple task completion within a single system;
  • Tracking and measurement systems that follow information requests through completion; and
  • An infrastructure system that can scale to accommodate increases in volume.

The most profitable model is partnership-based to benefit from best practices and best-of-breed solutions by both parties.

In summarizing how to make money with this process, remember that:

  • A team-based approach is highly cost-effective
  • It’s possible to control and profit from front-end tasks while outsourcing back end administration
  • Solutions providers can provide all the equipment, software and training needed
  • Quality control is paramount to ensure compliance with HIPAA rules and regulations

fig gungor

Fig Gungor is CEO of OneSource Document Management, a New York based company that offers a broad range of customized copy and scanning services that translate into a significant savings for insurance companies, hospitals and large medical facilities.


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